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What is a Meeting Room?

If you're a startup looking to pitch potential clients, a remote team having a meeting call via video conference to other regional teams, or an organization which is going to network with other partnering companies through a conference call, you can rent a meeting room or conference room for a couple of hours or a couple of days.

No matter what your agenda is, renting the right meeting room or conference room will help you achieve your goals. Fitted with comfortable furniture, modern amenities, WiFi, and access to the pantry, these spaces will ensure you and your team stay productive and focused on the task at hand.

What to Look for in a Meeting Room?

Renting a meeting room can set a new tone for your meeting and clarify its direction, even if it's just an offsite meeting to plan the next quarter. Nonetheless, invite some excitement among employees by having a meeting in another location - outside of the 9-5 traditional office. Impress your potential clients and investors with a great professional image of your company through meetings which will be conducted in these upscale, fully-equipped meeting rooms

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Whether you're holding a strategy meeting, a conference call, a board meeting, or pitching your company to new investors, there are different styles of spaces available to best suit your agenda, each with their own amenities for you to use. If you need any help in finding and booking the right meeting room, our Space Experts are readily available to lend you a helping hand.



  • Projectors and/or TV screen, whiteboard available
  • Free coffee, tea, or water available on request


  • Rent the space for the time you need
  • Transparent pricing with no hidden costs


  • A new environment can inspire new ideas during your meetings
  • On-site staff ready to assist you with anything you need

Best Meeting Room Around Southeast Asia


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