FlySpaces Cancellation Policies

We are dedicated to helping the flexible workspace community by providing a platform where everyone can save time & money. In view of this, our cancellation policies provide fair and flexible booking terms for both our users and workspace partners. We have outlined policies for different kinds of booking.

short-term booking

Coworking Day Pass, Meeting Rooms, Training Rooms, Event Spaces & other products that make use of FlySpaces' Online Payment System.

Client Cancellations:

  1. If a client cancels a confirmed paid booking up to 48 hours prior to the date of use, the client can get an 80% refund from the total expected charges. 20% of the total fee will be a non-refundable transactional fee.

  2. If a client cancels a confirmed paid booking in less than 48 hours prior to the date of use, the booking will be considered as "NO SHOW". The full amount paid by the client will be forfeited and no refund will be released.

  3. Special Cases: FlySpaces promotes flexible workspaces, in line with this, there may be some spaces that need special terms & conditions. We will adapt the cancellations/refund policy agreed upon signing of the contract with the chosen space operator.

Space Operator Initiated Cancellations:

  • If a booked space cancels the client’s confirmed paid booking, the client gets a full refund of the total expected charges. Reasons for the cancellation will be duly provided to the user.

  • long-term bookings

    Weekly or Monthly Coworking Pass, Private Office, Serviced Office

    Cancellations & refunds policy of bookings with FlySpaces that are greater than 1 month will adapt to the agreed terms by the user and the booked space during their contract signing. FlySpaces ensures supervision of the signing and that both parties agree to the terms presented by the space operator.

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