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What is an Event Space?

Strategically located events space for your product launches, corporate parties, and networking nights. We know that location and venue are crucial for the success of your event, so we make sure that our function rooms are highly accessible and thoughtfully constructed. Our event spaces are fully equipped with all of the necessities and can accommodate a range of events, whether it's a formal networking night, a casual team building activity, or a company party. All of our venues are inclusive of the basics for a successful event, such as AV equipment and a projector, with many having the option for in-house catering as well!

If you're conducting a training session, why should you consider renting a venue outside of your current office? People have this incredible developmental attribute that enables us to rapidly adjust and end up familiar with new conditions and situations. If you keep conducting trainings or meetings in the same venue, people will get bored over the same place, same routine. To avoid unproductivity among your employees, you can conduct trainings outside of the usual walls or rooms inside your office. Let's invoke new motivation at these all-in-one-serviced event spaces, training rooms, or workshop rooms.

How to Choose the Perfect Event Space?

Ranging from event spaces, halls, function rooms, training rooms as well as workshop spaces, these spaces are flexible for you to use for your upcoming events. Equipped with sound systems, projectors, and many having the choice for in-house catering as well as external food service providers you will experience a hassle-free, memorable event.

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Before choosing your venue, you should think about what your goals are and the specifics of your event. This can include asking yourself the following questions: How many people will be attending? What will you be doing during the event? How long will you need the space for? Having these basic points in mind will help you narrow down your search. You can also get in touch with one of our FlySpaces’ Space Experts who can help you along the way, giving you suggestions on the best venues for your needs and help you in the booking process.



  • Projectors, microphones, sound systems available on request
  • Possibility for in-house catering


  • No hidden costs
  • Venues typically are partnered with caterers and restaurants to get discounted rates

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