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A unique place where East mixes West with the old and new, Hong Kong exhibits a diverse culture and is one of the most versatile places in the world. Hong Kong’s position as a commercial and financial hub makes it one of the best places to run a business. With the whole world shifting towards a sustainable and collaborative economy, new entrepreneurs, established businesses, and digital nomads are seeking alternative setups attributable to the continuous increase in rental prices. Luckily, Hong Kong quickly caught on to the trend of building community layouts and shared spaces.Coworking spaces offer a significant alternative to traditional offices making it much less of a hassle to find the perfect space that you and your team needs. Time is a scarce resource, especially in a fast-paced city like Hong Kong where opportunities change by the second.

Suitable for larger companies looking to provide their team with work flexibility while being in a collaborative space with considerably lower costs.
For start-up businesses, coworking spaces give new businesses the flexibility to scale up or down while keeping their costs in control and while providing enough space for planning and execution.
Coworking spaces offer small businesses the opportunity to expand their business without having to worry about running their own office space. These spaces have a collaborative atmosphere that fosters creativity and productivity.
Most freelancers opt to work from home, whilst it has several advantages, coworking spaces can help break the monotony and isolation of working from home. Many freelancers can set their own working hours, while giving them opportunities to grow their professional networks.
While other remote workers enjoy the comfort of being at home, some struggle to work productively from home. Coworking spaces become their higher-level alternative that not only gives them the familiarity of a workplace, but also provides the flexibility to work at their own convenience.

With Passport, you can work in Tsim Sha Tsui in the morning, grab lunch and spend your afternoon in an office in Causeway Bay just in time to enjoy a drink after work in Central; you don’t have to commit to one working location and visit as many spaces as you want to ease off you workplace monotony; you can also visit any coworking space of your choice if you want to take a break from your work from home arrangement; you can access any space depending on your preferred feature of the space (wifi, security, facilities etc.).Here are some other perks you get from Passport:

reason1Save up to 50% vs going to other coworking spaces directly.
reason2Touch and feel experience to quality, yet cost-efficient shared and private spaces.
reason3Free access of exclusive network, social, and community events near your location.
reason4Access from 5 up to unlimited passes of your choice anywhere and anytime.
reason5A chance to meet professional people and new networks in an appropriate business setting.
reason6The opportunity to discover what you need to get in more than 15 tailored-made workspaces.
WHERE CAN YOU FIND A SPACE FOR YOUWe’ve compiled a list of all spaces you can choose from depending on the location of the space, its amenities and facilities, its design and layout, and to which is more convenient for you.

quoteI just wanted to share that FlySpaces really helps to make coworking simple and flexible. It allows you to purchase plans based on need without committing to fixed packages on 1 single place. I can find locations based on where I am and the FlySpaces team are very accommodating and responsive regarding any inquiries I may have.Overall, a great platform I recommend to anyone looking for good, affordable, and flexible coworking space plans in Metro Manila.quote

Dyana MacalioFreelancer

Passport plans



Starter Package

  • 5 coworking passes

  • A monthly subscription

  • Access to top Hong Kong coworking spaces



Best Value

  • Unlimited coworking passes

  • A monthly subscription

  • Access to top Hong Kong coworking spaces


Have a team who would love to use Passport? We can customize our packages to scale with you and your company. Just let us know a few things about you and we'll do the heavy work.

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