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Manila's Best Cafes to Unwind After Work

By Julie Ng

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This isn’t about which cafe in Manila has the best coffee. We can argue for ages about that (appropriately, in a cafe)! The FlySpaces Team decides to compile a list of good cafe spaces to hang out after work, particularly in the CBD areas. Many of you may prefer drinks, but for some of us, a long evening of conversation and maybe some pastries are all we need.

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Workspaces in Jakarta: How to Take Your Startup to the Next Level

Jakarta Coworking FlySpaces

by: Julie Ng


Your brand new business and the hungry rag-tag team will eventually outgrow crowding into noisy coffee shops. However, you still need a professional space for functions, meetings, and a business address to put your best foot forward. The problem is finding time and focus away from your baby in order to research and negotiate the right office space.

A newcomer like you in this fast-paced startup world cannot afford to lose momentum. Here’s where FlySpaces comes in. Our Space Experts take care of the space arrangements, allowing you to direct your focus in expanding your business will be your only focus. Today, we take the extra step for you by putting together a comprehensive list of workspaces in Jakarta, the “Twitter capital of Asia.” Let us begin!

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Leading An Industry: An Interview with Lars Wittig

Regus has built its reputation as the world’s leading provider of serviced workspaces—with business centers, executive suites, conference rooms, lounges, and virtual offices—spanning 3000 locations, 900 cities, and 120 countries. For over two decades, their business has surged alongside fluctuating work trends, changing office cultures, and shifting demographics. 

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Coworking in Southeast Asia 2016

Running a business requires entrepreneurs to face a myriad of obstacles. Among them, honing a product idea, developing a business plan, forming a strong team, and also finding the perfect space wherein the business can grow. This last task has proven challenging for many entrepreneurs, especially in Southeast Asia where office vacancy rates are among the lowest in the world. These circumstances have encouraged startups and SMEs to explore options outside of conventional office leasing; thus the trend of short-term workspace solutions, particularly coworking, has taken flight in the region.

At the beginning of the year, Deskmag counted 7,800 coworking players around the world. Forecasts indicate that there will be 16,100 by year-end. The largest spaces, in terms of number of members, are located in Asia. Coworking has come a long way from the first space that opened in San Francisco back in 2005. Today, the short-term collaborative workspace solution is growing at staggering rates per annum, and Cushman & Wakefield project that it will occupy 15% of total office supply in Southeast Asia by 2030.

Trehaus 1.jpg

Trehaus, Singapore

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Kuala Lumpur: Your Guide to Work-Life Balance




Situated at the junction of two great rivers in the vast Klang Valley is Kuala Lumpur, a name that literally means “muddy confluence.” Nowadays, it is a sprawling metropolis marked by soaring skyscrapers and surrounded by lush greenery. Pulsing with life and energy, it is more than just the capital of Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur (KL) is at the heart of industry, commerce, finance, history, culture, and modernity in the country.


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Partner Feature: Regus Facilitates the Age of Virtual Offices for Millennials


Having been in the business of flexible work spaces for over 20 years, Regus has provided serviced offices to numerous Fortune 500 companies, and currently operates 2300 business centers across 120 countries worldwide.

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Coworking in Southeast Asia: Manila



In recent years, thanks to the surge in remote workers and opportunities in the growing gig economy, shared offices and coworking spaces have experienced a modern renaissance, with innovative office concepts and novel workspaces proliferating across the globe.

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Coworking in Southeast Asia: Singapore

Driven by an enterprising spirit, Singapore’s coworking environment has developed alongside the country’s progressive economy. With a supportive business community, including financial backing from the government, shared office spaces have grown from a burgeoning trend into a respectable standard. With the work force shifting to flexible office concepts, these creative fields have become hubs of activity and collaborative inspiration.



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Coworking in Southeast Asia: Kuala Lumpur

Convenience and sensibility are at the heart of coworking in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Startups, freelancers, lean corporations, and thriving businesses alike continue to seek out new and exciting workspaces that suit their company’s needs and fit reasonable budgets.

Built to accommodate a diverse pool of professionals with various needs, Kuala Lumpur’s edgy coworking spaces are charged with passion and bristling with the capital’s creative workforce. 

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Partner Feature: 5 Insights from the World’s Industry Leader on Flexible Workspaces

Source: regus.com.ph

Founded in 1989 by English entrepreneur Mark Dixon, Regus (www.regus.com) has established itself as a multinational corporation that provides serviced offices and workspaces around the world—the global leader in the flexible work space industry.

With a network that spans over 100 countries, over 900 cities, and over 3000 locations, Regus is more than 20 times bigger than their next competitor. “That means that you will always have professional flexible work space with Regus near you, almost regardless of where you are,” says Lars Wittig, Country Manager for Regus Philippines (www.regus.com.ph).

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