APEC’s Impact on the SMEs in the Philippines

Meta: What are the specific benefits of APEC 2015? Is it really worth spending P10 billion, massive inconveniences, and public anger on?
Has APEC really made impact? Did it really leave something beneficial for the country? These are important questions to ask and discuss considering the billions of pesos spent for the event and the massive inconvenience it has caused the public.

In his speech at the APEC SME Summit, President Aquino said that he couldn’t help but be “impressed by what APEC has been able to achieve.” You may ask, what specific achievements? In the eyes of ordinary Filipinos, the APEC Summit is nothing but a major inconvenience. Not many can see beyond the encumbering closing of roads, no-pay holiday declaration, and the temporary solutions to the unsightly parts of Manila.

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A Competitive Company Culture is a Boon to Everyone

Is it advantageous propagating competition in the workplace or is it counterproductive? For many the answer to this question is simple – yes. Many like getting challenged. It’s boring when work turns into a monotonous routine. A competitive atmosphere is mostly beneficial.

The following are arguably the most compelling reasons why workplace competition should not be treated as a problem but something that should be harnessed.

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4 Little Known Ways to Create Buzz around Your Brand

If you are running a business or selling products, you certainly want people to be aware of your brand or product range. However, in many cases it’s not enough that people know about your products. You have to catch their attention or make them talk about what you are offering to convince them to buy or at least remember your brand.

This is what you call “creating brand buzz.” It is about giving people a reason to talk about your brand or products. Conventionally, it is being done by advertising on TV, radio, billboards, and online. It can also be done by hosting events centered around the brand or products being promoted, all of which entail high costs. If you want to take the less expensive and easier route, consider the following little known options:

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