Cost of Living in Kuala Lumpur

Pulsing with life and energy, Kuala Lumpur is more than just the capital of Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur continues to grow at an exponential rate and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Its vast pool of opportunities and resources have driven tourists and expatriates to its shore. Here is an infographic on the cost of living in Kuala Lumpur.

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Best Office Buildings in Southeast Asia June 2016

They say your work is a reflection of your environment. Nowadays, with such a wide range of workspaces and offices available, and virtually anywhere on the globe in reach, finding the right fit is even more advantageous. 

In Southeast Asia, there are plenty of inspiring office buildings that are home to some of the most prominent companies as well as modern day enterprises. Here are just a few of them.

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Your Guide to Doing Business in Singapore



With its consistent ranking by the World Bank Group as the #1 city for Ease of Doing Business (for 11 years now, since the inaugural list in 2005), Singapore remains a top global destination for major business development and large-scale investment. The nation continues to be a progressive economy with plenty of vibrant opportunities. Its efficient governance, streamlined systems, and clean modernism, coupled with a well-educated and highly skilled labor force make Singapore an excellent business destination. Here are some things to consider when deciding to set up business in Singapore.


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Cebu City: Your Guide to Work-Life Balance


Fuente Osmeña Rotonda, Cebu City


Situated in the Central Visayas and designated as the Philippines’ Queen City of the South, Cebu offers an alternative to Metro Manila’s restless urban hustle and bustle. In this Visayan capital city, expect a laid-back atmosphere that reflects its lush island surroundings. Cebu offers a concentration of tourism destinations, heritage sites, pristine shores, sweeping city views, as well as a booming economic industry. Aside from its idyllic scenery, Cebu City is second only to Manila in terms of business and investment potential, ranked 7th in Tholons’ 2016 Top Outsourcing Destinations, identified in 2014 as one of 5 Future Eco-Cities in Asia by the United National Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), and previously declared as a Top 10 Asian City of the Future by Finance Direct Investment Magazine.

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FlySpaces Introduces a New Workspace Category: Corporate Dining

The idea of what constitutes workspace has changed over the years. From traditional office cubicles, there are now coworking and shared office spaces where you can rent a desk or private room to operate your business. There are also meeting and conference rooms, retail spaces, and venues for events that you can rent short-term, promoting flexibility and mobility for your company. As the concept of workspace continues to evolve, we look for new and unique spaces to offer our clients with better and more efficient working environments. And so, FlySpaces is introducing a new workspace category that will elevate your experience to scrumptious heights: corporate dining.

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Marina Bay: Your Guide to Work-Life Balance

Planning to forge a career in Singapore? What the country may lack in size, it makes up for with countless opportunities for you to seek your dream job and to be able to find a balance between your career and your personal life in the city-state. Singapore is one of the most progressive economies not only in Asia, but around the world. The ease of doing business here has provided startups with greater chances to launch their companies and find success in the region. The labor force in Singapore has been touted as one of the best anywhere in the world, with their specialized skills and strong work ethic.


Marina Bay at Night

Image credit: Chensiyuan via Wikimedia Commons

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4 Tips to Master Balancing Work at a Startup and Your Family Life

The balancing act can be tricky when working with a startup that aims for rapid growth. In order to satisfy the time demand, the first things to go could be sleep, exercise, or time with friends and family. Don't let the prioritization of one of them eliminate all consideration of the other! There are ways to get the best of both worlds with a bit of organization and discipline. Here's how:


4 Tips to Master Balancing Work at a Startup and Your Family Life 1

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7 Ways to Optimize Your Work Hours


At the end of the day, only you can control how your day goes. Yes, things come up that cannot be planned for, but if you remain focused on the right outcomes, you will optimize your work hours and increase productivity. 


7 Ways to Optimize Your Work Hours 1

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Bonifacio Global City: Your guide to work-life balance


In the last decade, Bonifacio Global City in Taguig has become a new mecca for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. It is one of Metro Manila’s fastest growing financial hubs with a 240 hectare world-class business development area that’s home to upscale shopping centers, hotels, condominiums, offices, and schools.


Companies have been flocking to Bonifacio Global City (BGC) or “The Fort” to establish a presence in the hottest commercial community in the metro. Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) has disclosed in its 2015 property market update that renting a Grade A office space is more affordable in BGC (P850 per sqm) compared to Makati (P1,000 per sqm). With its abundant supply of modern office spaces at fairly affordable rates, BGC is poised to emerge as the country’s next premier business hub.

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Singapore Downtown Core: Your guide to work-life balance

As one of the most globalized economies in the world, Singapore is the perfect place to build a career or start your own business. It’s ranked first for ease of doing businesses because of its fast and efficient registration process and progressive tax system. It’s also rated as having the best labor force in the world, with local and foreign professionals that are known for their effectiveness and strong work ethic.


Singapore Downtown Core

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