Full Employees are Innovative Employees: Why Companies Provide Free Food



These days you’d be hard pressed to find a workplace without some sort of food perk -  whether that’s simply a fridge to store your food in, a fully stocked pantry, or daily three-course catering services. It goes without saying that this can be an expensive endeavor, regardless of whether you’re Google or a neighbourhood mom and pop shop.

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Coworking Spaces That Offer the Coolest Perks


Brooklyn Boulders, Somerville, Massachusetts

By Suvi Hoikka

From game rooms, sleeping pods, child care services, and discounts for workout classes, coworking spaces are constantly finding ways to attract, and ultimately retain, new members.

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Embracing Workplace Diversity


By: Suvi Hoikka


Diversity in the office, simply put, can be good for business. A study examining management teams found that those with a wider range of educational and work backgrounds created more innovative products. Likewise, another study found that firms with greater racial and gender diversity had more sales revenue, more customers, and greater profits.

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Maximizing Your Coworking Membership


Colliers International predicts a 10 percent growth in coworking spaces for the Philippines for the next three years. This is largely attributed to the large millennial population entering the workforce, as it offers a cheaper alternative to the traditional office space.


But coworking is so much more than a simple cost savings opportunity. In fact, the magic of coworking is achieved when you see it as an investment in your career.

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Is No Office the New Office?


Remote working, or telecommuting, is far from a new concept. Freelancers in particular have taken advantage of the opportunity to avoid the corporate office landscape and to chose where they want to work and when they want to work.

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Customer Service: Man or Machine


Machines are good at giving you what you don’t know you want. They’ve started to take over various aspects of our daily routines: tasks that would be otherwise tedious and repetitive have been streamlined and automated, yielding an impressive amount of high quality work. Purchase predictions send you offers, streaming services curate personal playlists, and a variety of algorithms tailor their products or placements according to what you don’t even know you want until it’s presented to you at 10% off. You part with some money and move on with your life, unaware that machines keep an eye on your tastes and habits, and inspire purchases with such accuracy and timeliness.

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9 Unique Event Spaces in Singapore

Casa Gessi

Singapore is brimming with events and interesting spaces, which is why it might be challenging for your business to stand out with your corporate event or product launch. We discovered these unique event spaces that are each wildly distinct in personality and vibe. Make friends, meet partners, and may you have an unforgettable evening!

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#OfficeGoals: Kuala Lumpur’s Most Stylish Offices

Looking for a workspace in Malaysia? We know you won’t settle for anything less than the coolest office space or coworking space. As the first to hear about the latest and greatest spaces, we’ve put together a list of recommendations with some of our best picks in Kuala Lumpur that you’ll be proud to work in!


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Office Interior Photography: Expert Tips for Business Owners

Image credits: WeWork


So you’re renting out your office space, but don’t have the budget for a professional interior photographer. Good news: you don’t need expensive equipment to take good photos! Phone cameras have evolved to capture images with a quality that rivals DSLRs from years ago. We’ve come up with a few essential tips for taking a good photo of your office space with the intention to list them online or make your photos Instagrammable.

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Modern Offices and the Future of Workspaces

Regus in One Raffles, Singapore


New companies - tech startups in particular - prefer serviced offices with all of the necessary amenities. A team can simply come in and start working compared to a traditional office space where businesses sacrifice a large portion of their capital on a space deposit and in developing their office space from scratch. In this fast-paced, bootstrapping age, time is not only money, but a company’s lifeblood.


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