Workspaces in Jakarta: How to Take Your Startup to the Next Level

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by: Julie Ng


Your brand new business and the hungry rag-tag team will eventually outgrow crowding into noisy coffee shops. However, you still need a professional space for functions, meetings, and a business address to put your best foot forward. The problem is finding time and focus away from your baby in order to research and negotiate the right office space.

A newcomer like you in this fast-paced startup world cannot afford to lose momentum. Here’s where FlySpaces comes in. Our Space Experts take care of the space arrangements, allowing you to direct your focus in expanding your business will be your only focus. Today, we take the extra step for you by putting together a comprehensive list of workspaces in Jakarta, the “Twitter capital of Asia.” Let us begin!

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Leading An Industry: An Interview with Lars Wittig

Regus has built its reputation as the world’s leading provider of serviced workspaces—with business centers, executive suites, conference rooms, lounges, and virtual offices—spanning 3000 locations, 900 cities, and 120 countries. For over two decades, their business has surged alongside fluctuating work trends, changing office cultures, and shifting demographics. 

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4 Key Qualities of Strong Relationships that Apply to Business Partnerships

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By: Julie Ng

Looking for founder love in this hopeless space? If only there’s an app for that (there isn’t - we checked and only found someone who wanted to find a business partner to develop an app for finding business meta).

While some entrepreneurs are happily solo, some entrepreneurs like to join forces and form formidable duos or teams. If you believe that a partner can take your business or idea to the next level, it may be time to dive in.

What we notice in people who are in solid relationships is that they seem to be individuals who are generally amenable and hold their own. Perhaps there is a reason why some people appear to have it all. After much deliberation, we culled a list of some rather basic-yet-essential traits of a good romantic partner that also apply to good potential business partners (passion is a given, so we’ll skip that). Let's delve!

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Hong Kong's Coolest Offices

Garage Society Hong Kong with FlySpaces

By: Julie Ng

“Office space” typically conjures the mental image of stifling cubicles, endless rows of desks, and harsh fluorescent lights. How does a business champion innovation and boost morale with that kind of environment?

Companies need to step up their office game in order to attract creative, energetic professionals. After all, we spend so much of our days at work that offices are practically our second home!

A metropolis like Hong Kong does not run short of good design, and we here at FlySpaces have set out to find these office spaces that have gotten on with the times (and even into the future). In the end, we narrowed our finds down to 10 coolest examples of office interior design in Hong Kong!

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A Brand Apart: An Interview with Martin Roll

In his much lauded book, Asian Brand Strategy, Martin Roll writes, “Today, businesses and consumers are placing increasing importance on brands. Brands give a sense of identity, stimulate the senses, and enrich life experiences. People have a need to affiliate and surround themselves with things they know well, trust, and aspire to be.” 


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FlySpaces Celebrates 2016!

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Know Before You Go: A Singapore Business Trip To-Do List

By: Michael Tiong


Going to Singapore as a tourist is very different from going there on business. When going as a tourist, you will most likely have an itinerary and travel services already prepared for you. Depending on where you’ll be coming from, you may not even need to secure a visa. 

You might be able to cram your preparation for a tourist trip in a day or two, but you will need a lot more time when preparing for a business trip.

Here’s a short checklist that might help speed up the process.

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HipVan: An Interview with CEO, Danny Tan


In the startup scene, when it comes to revolutionary ideas, the conversation is dominated by technologies that disrupt industries and innovative business models that challenge established conventions. Singapore’s HipVan, an online brand selling furniture and home living essentials, has been on a steady trajectory that follows this trend. Last year, venture capitalist firm Golden Gate Ventures awarded the startup US$3.3 million, their largest investment yet. With Singapore’s online retail market expected to grow up to 200% year-on-year, HipVan Co-founder and CEO Danny Tan is confident of their company’s position. “I think it’s great. We’re certainly having fun doing it, but there’s still a long way to go,” says Tan. “The number one trait of an entrepreneur is to be an optimist, right? Just keep an understanding of what you know and what you don’t, and try to make the best of what you have everyday.”

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How To Make Work Not Seem Like Work

Do what you love and love what you do. Though it's oft repeated, the cliche holds true. And yet it seems people continue to begrudge their work. Well, it's about time you rolled up your sleeves. stop aspiring for unrealistic job satisfaction, and settle into the kind of work you can truly feel proud of. Here are some tips to make work not seem like work. 

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10 Reasons Why Every Startup Should Hire a Millennial

Despite the obnoxious heat millennials often take in the media, statistically, the so-named generation will make up over 70% of the labor force within the decade. In fact, your company could already have mostly Gen Y employees, as more and more business leaders, startups, and entrepreneurs are realizing the value millennials bring to an organization. And if you're still weary about filling that job opening with an eager-eyed millennial, here are 10 reasons to help make your decision easier. 

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