Coworking in Southeast Asia: Singapore

Date of publishing: 29/07/2016 00:00

Driven by an enterprising spirit, Singapore’s coworking environment has developed alongside the country’s progressive economy. With a supportive business community, including financial backing from the government, shared office spaces have grown from a burgeoning trend into a respectable standard. With the work force shifting to flexible office concepts, these creative fields have become hubs of activity and collaborative inspiration.





In Singapore, the coworking landscape has evolved into sophisticated multifunctional spaces, elegantly designed, challenging the traditional notions of serviced offices. The Great Room is one such workspace, which has recently opened its lacquered doors to accommodate fledgling companies, independent businesses, and remote workers. Besides a kitchen and breakfast lounge, and sleek conference rooms, hot desks offer sweeping views. They’ve also introduced a “hot office” concept that lets tenants lease office space in exchange for reward points.


In Singapore, the community experience is highlighted, with plenty of spaces hosting industry events and workshops. There is a focus on both functional design and innovative thought. But it’s the talented people that form the core of this city’s bustling entrepreneurial ecosystem.



This coworking space features semi-private desks perfect for teams of two. More team members? No problem. The Co’s coworking area expands across a wide floor to accommodate entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs of varied sizes.




Chic and modern, coworking at Plus Concept is an elegant experience with its carefully chosen furniture and hard wood floors. Its sleek design and calm atmosphere make for another productive work environment.




This modern workspace with a vintage vibe caters to entrepreneurial growth companies starting their first offices in Southeast Asia, with the opportunity to interact with local industry players and experienced mentors. Wooden and antique furniture give this place a warmth and natural vigor.




Housed in a conserved heritage building in Little India, Workhouse is a self-managed community that fosters collaborative relationships with creative minds and savvy young talent.




With enormous floorspace and glass windows that span every corner up til the soaring high ceiling, JustCo is a bright and productive environment. The space features several break out areas that encourage brilliant ideas to be shared. Common rooms also have ping pong tables and pinball machines.





Homey carpeting and subdued tones make Trehaus a cozy office for those looking to relax but also get work done. It’s also the first coworking space in Singapore with daycare facilities, accommodating a unique array of working parents.




Where an in-house film crew that shoots mockumentaries could be having conversations over cups of coffee while a community-led workshop in innovative tech solutions happens in the other room. You could be crunching numbers on spreadsheets right across an IT professional prototyping a new program; this is a coworking space buzzing with potential.




Another ode to millennial modernism, this coworking space sits next to a multi-purpose warehouse that can host large events, with plenty of room for versatility. The massive space is fitted with temporary offices, dedicated desks, meeting rooms, and more.






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