Beautiful Office Spaces in Southeast Asia Under $2500

Finding an affordable office space for your new business in a good location is difficult. To help out, FlySpaces has compiled a list of cost-effective offices in key cities of Southeast Asia. These office and coworking spaces are not only strategically located in the busy and talent-rich Business Districts, they also all have unique features that suit every type of team.

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Key Tools You Need to Set Up a BPO in the Philippines

by Julie Ng

Customer care can make or break a brand’s reputation. Reviews, returning customers, and even product evangelism depend on your front-liners. The effort of your marketing team may as well be a waste of money if the customer support is poor, inefficient, or, worse, rude. Companies risk overworking their support team due to its flood of demands. As a result, customer feedback gets ignored. Valuable information gets lost.

As businesses grow and gain users or customers, the core support team may not be able to handle its tsunami of inquiries. This is a good problem to have or it can mean a painful death for a company that is collapsing under the weight of its success. The difference is how they handle it. This is where outsourcing comes in.

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​Work and Play in Jakarta: Low-Key Workspaces for the Adventurous

By Julie Ng

Whether you’re from overseas looking to experience the real Jakarta or a local trying to get to know your own place better after work or in the weekend, here’s a guide for you.

First of all, mobile culture (in both the digital and transient sense) is rapidly dismantling the partitions and cubicles of traditional office spaces. Thanks to wifi and coworking, there is no need to give up hours of your life being stuck in traffic trying to reach that one office in that famous building in that famous business district.

We’ve spoken enough about the cosmopolitan hubs of our cities. So if wifi and power outlets are all you need, how about a change of scenery? Let’s get out of the shadows of these skyscrapers and explore the "hidden secrets" of Jakarta!

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WeWork Lands in Southeast Asia

Weihai Lu, Shanghai, China

By Julie Ng


WeWork and FlySpaces share the goal of easing the growing pains of small businesses by providing workspace solutions. It's no longer just about growing fast but growing strong. WeWork understands that aside from a space that is beautifully and thoughtfully constructed, an authentic team culture, enriching challenges, and work-life balance is conducive for productivity. These elements are crucial for companies with the elusive-but-attainable dream of becoming the next unicorn. And FlySpaces will help bring that to Southeast Asia!

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Manila's Best Cafes to Unwind After Work

By Julie Ng

Image credit

This isn’t about which cafe in Manila has the best coffee. We can argue for ages about that (appropriately, in a cafe)! The FlySpaces Team decides to compile a list of good cafe spaces to hang out after work, particularly in the CBD areas. Many of you may prefer drinks, but for some of us, a long evening of conversation and maybe some pastries are all we need.

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The Far East Movement: An Interview with Sanjay Verma

As former CEO of the Asia-Pacific division of commercial real estate services company, Cushman & Wakefield, for over 5 years, Sanjay Verma has gained first-hand insight into the region’s unique opportunities and challenges. He has observed the market grow and evolve, cultivating valuable learnings along the way. Now, as Advisory Board Member for FlySpaces, he shares his experience and expertise in the field.

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Of Might and Magic: An Interview with Jowynne Khor

Jowynne Khor

On a mission to make Malaysia the startup capital of Asia, the Malaysian Global Innovation & Creative Center (MaGIC), under the program direction of Jowynne Khor, strives to connect the dots linking entrepreneurs with valuable resources, to establish networks that spark collaborations, and to create structural improvements in the startup ecosystem. 

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Your Singapore Business Needs these Cost Saving Strategies

By Julie Ng

FlySpaces - Affordable flexible office spaces for your startup

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First of all, why set up office in Singapore? Isn’t it an expensive place?

The mantra “Location, Location, Location” not only applies to brick-and-mortar stores, but also to office spaces. While Singapore ranks at 11th place in the list of most expensive places to hold office, it definitely pays off. According to Megan Walters, JLL’s head of capital markets research in Asia Pacific. “...cities are fighting to secure the world’s most dynamic corporations, attract the best talent and pull in capital, both of which are highly mobile.”

It is critical to find a solid location for the heart of your business. While a big chunk of your budget is going to the daily expenses in the prestigious, vibrant Lion City, here are other ways you can save.

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Workspaces in Jakarta: How to Take Your Startup to the Next Level

Jakarta Coworking FlySpaces

by: Julie Ng


Your brand new business and the hungry rag-tag team will eventually outgrow crowding into noisy coffee shops. However, you still need a professional space for functions, meetings, and a business address to put your best foot forward. The problem is finding time and focus away from your baby in order to research and negotiate the right office space.

A newcomer like you in this fast-paced startup world cannot afford to lose momentum. Here’s where FlySpaces comes in. Our Space Experts take care of the space arrangements, allowing you to direct your focus in expanding your business will be your only focus. Today, we take the extra step for you by putting together a comprehensive list of workspaces in Jakarta, the “Twitter capital of Asia.” Let us begin!

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Leading An Industry: An Interview with Lars Wittig

Regus has built its reputation as the world’s leading provider of serviced workspaces—with business centers, executive suites, conference rooms, lounges, and virtual offices—spanning 3000 locations, 900 cities, and 120 countries. For over two decades, their business has surged alongside fluctuating work trends, changing office cultures, and shifting demographics. 

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