5 Tips in Getting the Right Workspace for You and Your Team


This question sounds plain and simple but not every manager or team leader may come up with the right or completely sensible answer. If you are one of those who encounter some difficulties answering this question, the following tips should help.

1. Find the right location.
What is the right location? The answer here depends on what your team needs and prefers. For most, satisfying the “need” may already suffice. Ideally, you should get a location that is near your address, your employees’ residence, and your clients’ location. Of course, it would be extremely rare for this ideal scenario to happen; that’s why you need to carefully evaluate your priorities. When talking about “need,” what it mostly entails is the accessibility of the area (should be easily accessible with public transport) and the proximity to utilities and other establishments where you may get your supplies.


2. Know the type and amount of workspace needed.
Should you get a conventional office space or would a serviced office be a more preferable option? Or maybe a coworking office space will already suffice? Understand the differences among these options and take into account the pros and cons.

Here are brief overviews of the three:

Basically, a conventional office space means that you will be paying for the periodic rent and you will have to take care of everything after you get the keys. It has the advantage of giving a tenant greater control over everything inside the office but it also means that you would have to get your own people to do the cleaning and maintenance work. You may also need to spend for the furnishings.

A serviced office is an office or office building managed by a facility management company. Typically located in business districts and large cities, it already has everything that is needed in an office. Additional services may be provided upon request. Good examples of this type of office space are those being offered by Compass Offices.

Co-working spaces, as the name implies, are workspaces shared with other persons (usually freelancers) or with personnel from other organizations. This would be the cheapest option but you will have to bear with the fact that the space you will be using will not be exclusively yours. Still, there are major advantages that cannot be ignored. Companies like Acceler8 provide strategically located coworking spaces that offer the advantages of convenient location, easy scalability, and access to essential services.

If you have a small team of around 3 to 5 people, it will be better to go for coworking spaces. You can just move to a bigger place, a serviced office for instance, once your team grows. Usually, you will not be bound by long-term contracts so moving to a new office shouldn’t be a problem.


3. Choose a space that comes with complete business facilities and extra perks.
If you have already determined the right office type and size at the right location for you, make sure that you will be having access to complete business facilities and take into account the perks you will be getting from the options you are considering. MyOffice, for example, has great DIY workstations complete with printing and scanning equipment. The company’s spaces could be the most suitable for the type of work or project you are doing. There are space providers that offer innovative perks like the free networking events of Impact Hub. Some offer other enticing perks like free access to a common meeting room and kitchen as well as complimentary Wi-Fi connection and supply of water, coffee, and tea.

4. Use FlySpaces.com
If you are having a hard time finding excellent workspace options in the Philippines, use FlySpaces. The site allows you to quickly find the space you need. You just have to select your city and the category of the space you require, and you will have a myriad of options complete with all the details you need to make a well-informed decision, from the rates to the capacity and special features. An interactive map is even conveniently presented alongside the space options available. Even better, you can quickly rent the space you find through FlySpaces. You just have to sign up for an account.


5. And lastly, come up with a shortlist and make your team vote.
Who else gets to say that you've made the right move? Yep, you got that right - YOUR TEAM!
If you are not sure which workspace is the best one to get, have your team involved in the decision making proces. Choose at least three options you deem worth considering and bring them to a vote. Of course, it would help if pros and cons were already identified so it's easier and less time consuming. Present all the information you have about the options and encourage the team to provide some inputs before proceeding with the vote.


In sum, the best workspace is the workspace at the right location, with the right size, the right type or set-up, and the desirable features and perks. If you consider the tips mentioned above, finding the best workspace for your team shouldn’t be difficult.

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This is Why Manila Has Such Amazing Venues

Manila is arguably the most prominent place in the Philippines when it comes to social and business events. Foreigners and locals alike point to Manila as the first stop for anyone who wants to learn about the Philippines. To clarify, though, Manila here refers to the entire Metro Manila region, which includes the Philippine capital Manila City and other well-known cities such as Makati, Quezon, Pasig, Taguig, Pasay, and Parañaque.

Manila is dotted with a multitude of great spaces that will likely appeal to anyone who is planning to rent a venue for whatever purpose. In fact, these venues tend to be more preferable and valuable compared to others located outside the metro. While it’s true that these venues become more preferable because of the simple fact that they are in Manila, there are other reasons why they are amazing.

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The following are arguably the most compelling reasons why workplace competition should not be treated as a problem but something that should be harnessed.

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8 Techniques That Will Surely Improve Your Networking Skills

If you happen to be one of those who find it difficult connecting with people, let alone creating people networks that can yield advantages for you in the future, consider making use of the following pointers:

1. Master the art of remembering names and faces.

The ability to remember names and faces is one of the most important things to have in building networks. As such, you have to develop the skill to easily remember people not just by their visage but also their names. One good way to remember names is to mentally repeat the name at least three times during introductions. It’s similar to studying, as you say the name, the more it gets imprinted in your memory. Also, in addition to mentally repeating the name, immediately use the name to call the person. This does not only help you remember the name; it is also something your new acquaintance would most likely appreciate.

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5 Effective Tips to Increase Your Productivity in an Instant

Do you encounter difficulties accomplishing something? Do you usually feel like your day has ended but you haven’t done anything much? That’s a productivity problem and it’s something many suffer from. The good thing is it can be remedied with these simple but effective tips: 

1. Having a List of Things to Do 

A to-do list is a good way to start getting organized and improving productivity. It’s a simple idea but it is highly effective in guiding people on what should be done. It’s a simplified way of organizing activities, showing you what needs to be done, what is being done, and what has already been done. The idea of listing things sounds so rudimentary but it is proven to have a psychological influence that makes people more productive. It’s something related to the phenomenon called the Zeigarnik Effect, or the tendency to get fixated on unfinished tasks. 

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What Is a Pop-Up Event and How Can It Effectively Help Promote Your Business?

What Is a Pop-Up Event and How Can It Effectively Help Promote Your Business? 

In the Philippines, not many are familiar with the idea of a pop-up event or store. It is a little known concept that is becoming popular in some parts of the world, particularly in the US and the UK. Filipino businessmen can make use of this idea for marketing. Yes, a pop-up event or shop can be an effective way to promote a business. 

Pop-up Event/Shop Overview 

Trendwatching.com claims to be the one responsible for coining the terms “pop-up retail” and “pop-up shop” more than a decade ago. Since pop-up retail stores were created, there have been no signs of the trend slowing down. Many are using the idea in lieu of traditional marketing. 

The main idea of a pop-up store is to pop up at some unexpected venue one day and disappear a day or weeks later. A space may become a store that offers samples one day and transform into a cocktail party venue the next day. It’s like a retail store version of a flash mob. The term pop-up event, on the other hand, involves more than just the sale of items. It includes other activities like a yoga class, an art workshop, mini-seminar, or tutorials.  

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This is what you call “creating brand buzz.” It is about giving people a reason to talk about your brand or products. Conventionally, it is being done by advertising on TV, radio, billboards, and online. It can also be done by hosting events centered around the brand or products being promoted, all of which entail high costs. If you want to take the less expensive and easier route, consider the following little known options:

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