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Kimberlin Salvoro - Sep 2017
All thanks to Kris for helping us find a new office ASAP early this year! The Net Park site is just PERFECT! We super love the ultra fast internet connection, the lovely people at the concierge, the brand new facility, and all the other business services that Regus has provided to cover all our company needs. Definitely enjoying our stay here!
Shahab Shabibi - Sep 2017
Thanks to Regus and FlySpaces who helped us have a temporary 6-months office space while transitioning between offices. Amazing location and professional quality of service!
Clariza Yu - Sep 2017
Their friendly staff, reliable internet speed and clean work spaces make it stand out from the rest. ;)
Steven Murry - Nov 2016
I used Regus via Flyspaces in the last 4 months and the staff has been very attentive on our needs especially in regards to internet problems, unlike other spaces Regus fixed problems really fast !
Grace Castillo - Nov 2016
The staff in my center was very helpful and efficent. The ambience was great and the strategic location helped a lot!
Mario Berta - Nov 2016
The Regus GMs in Net Park and Net Lime are doing a great job in making tenants confortable !

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