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        • Hi I'm Mayurr, Kuala Lumpur's representative for FlySpaces!

          Business and economic heart of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (aka KL) is an attractive hub for local entrepreneurs, foreign businesses, and multinationals looking to grow their businesses. Thanks to its strategic position and background, it has become one of the global Islamic financial hubs. In such a vibrant and highly demanded hub, finding the best workspace can be tough. This is where we can help you find the best workspace tailored to your business' needs.

          Mayurr Seth
          Malaysia Country Manager
          +6017 5577369| mayurr@flyspaces.com

      • Private Offices

        Your growing new business can’t afford to be bogged down by inflexible long-term space commitments, not to mention colossal down payments that take a chunk out of your capital! The solution is to rent a flexible office space in a prestigious location that is already fully-furnished and connected to high speed internet. Our Private Offices have them all so you can focus on your business.

        Coworking Spaces

        The ultimate flexible workspace. Coworking Spaces are open-concept spaces that give you the opportunity to meet and collaborate with people from different industries and backgrounds. Let your business thrive in an environment that promotes a fast-paced and creative work atmosphere - as easy as plug and play!

        Meeting & Conference Rooms

        The perfect space for that life-changing presentation! Our boardrooms will help you put your best foot forward and win that pitch or stay focused while you and your team finish a project. Our accessible Meeting Rooms typically come with modern office amenities such as high speed wifi, free-flowing coffee, and projectors.

        Training & Workshop Spaces

        Go-to spaces for seminars, workshops, or team building! Tailored to functional needs, our Training and Workshop Spaces have the right combination of location, size, and amenities to ensure that your sessions are conducted seamlessly.

        Virtual Offices

        Give your business a trustworthy address in an established location  - wherever you work! Perfect for remote or home-based businesses, a Virtual Office is a complete setup without a dedicated physical space for you and your business which consists of remote communication and address services, such as mail and call handling.

        Event Spaces

        Strategically located events venues for your product launches, corporate parties, and networking nights. Location and venue are crucial for the success of your event, so we make sure that our function rooms are highly accessible and thoughtfully constructed.

        Retail Spaces

        Our spaces for your pop-up store or sales booth in high-foot traffic areas ensure your product or service gets optimal exposure.  Getting a Retail Space is a fast way to determine whether your business is ready to sustain a more permanent physical store, introduce your brand to the market, or test your sales potential.

        Corporate Dining

        Our Corporate Dining Spaces promote a professional yet relaxed atmosphere for meetings, training sessions, and events over delicious food and drinks in our wide selection of the trendiest restaurants in the city’s hotspots. Make a reservation now for that deal-making lunch or dinner.

        Subscription based

        Bare Office


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