What Kind of Office Person Are You?

Date of publishing: 28/09/2017 00:00


Each workspace has its share of personalities. There are the workaholics, the caffeine addicts, the social butterflies, and everything else in between. So, we thought with our vast knowledge of different office environments, why not create a quick and fun quiz so we can all find out what type of office person we are. So grab a pen and some paper, or open up a new document on your laptop, and keep track of your answers.



1. The alarm goes off and you find yourself:

A) Getting in a quick workout

B) Ordering about 4 shots of espresso

C) Hitting that glorious snooze button...again...and again...and the third time’s the charm, maybe?


2. What’s your go-to work outfit

A) Classic t-shirt and jeans combo (but you’ve got a suit on hold just in case, because who knows when the President is going to walk in)

B) Business casual 24/7

C) Who can say, one day you’re rocking the slacks and button-down and the next you’ve got your nikes, joggers, and t-shirt


3. You get to the office, find you have 54 unread emails, what do you do?

A) Inhale, exhale then start replying (no one else is going to do it for you)

B) Go get yourself some coffee first

C) Chat to your coworkers for about half an hour before opening your email


4. The headphones go on and _____ is playing:

A) Live sports, tennis, football, basketball, basically anything that happens to be playing at that moment

B) Spotify playlist of the day

C) You’ve carefully curated a playlist for every task


5. If we were to open your drawer right now, what would grace our eyes

A) Business cards upon business cards upon business cards

B) All the tools to maintain those pearly whites, we’re talking toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, chewing gum

C) Anything and everything, literally, olive oil, mentos, spare change, mouthwash, granola bars, Kit-Kat bars


6. The work day is over, what’s next on your to-do list?

A) Find the nearest happy hour

B) Is the work day really ever over?

C) Yoga, football, tennis, boxing, spinning, whatever you’re in the mood for that day



If you got mostly A’s:

No muss, no fuss

You show up to work, check your to-do list, and get to work. No dilly-dallying over here.



If you got mostly B’s:


You live and breathe work, and you’re constantly finding new avenues that will allow the company to grow, whether that’s going out to meet new clients or “hitting the books” and doing some research on current trends in your industry.



If you got mostly C’s:

Social butterfly

You always find common ground with everyone you meet, but even though you flutter around you still find the time to get your daily tasks done on time, now that deserves a pat on the back.



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